spamhead @MDW Fair

October 21-23rd, 2011 at the Geolofts
3636 S Iron Street, Chicago 60609

Vernissage: Friday October 21, 8-11pm
Saturday Noon to 6pm
Sunday Noon to 6pm

nAbr gallery is delighted to present a new video installation by Phyllis Baldino at the MDW Fair in Chicago.  Her new video, spamhead, takes the idea of spam further into the realm of invasion.  What would it be like to have spam sent directly inside our brains at random?

Baldino primarily works in video but has been known to incorporate performance and sculpture into her practice.  Her often witty narratives frequently root themselves in various scientific phenomenon such as the “theory of everything”, which is evident in her recent series Out of Focus Everything. This silent series is comprised of forty videos and explores the idea that we may be living in a multi-dimensional world.  Baldino uses various manual and digital manipulations to create eleven dimensions in video.  At times she turns to political channels as in her commissioned video installation, Mars Rome NY De La Warr. Or as recently, due to open-heart surgery, Baldino choses to follow a personal narrative by relating the development of a blind spot in her own vision with Monet’s deteriorating vision in Absence is Present: May June July.

Baldino received a BFA in sculpture from the Hartford Art School, and has since received national and international recognition for her work.  She has had solo shows at Three Walls, The Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, centre d’art. Marnay Art Centre, Marnay sur Seine, France, among others; and group shows with the MoMa, the MCA, and the Walker Art Center.  As one of her most recent accomplishments this past April, Baldino was exhibited in the EAI and MTV organized special project in Time Square as part of their 40th anniversary programing.


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