[new nAbr location]
2974 N Frantey Milwaukee, WI
March 10, 2012
nAbr gallery presents a new installation by Sean Cairns, “Neapolitan” in reference to his performance, We Can’t Deny It’s There’ = Nothing; A Performance, with nAbr gallery at the Art Shanty Projects in Minnesota.  
“In the work titled, Concrete Comedy – Ice Cream Social – Sublime Humor – Skepticism of Culture (2012) the focus is on Milwaukee’s art scene. Needless to say, the title brings up works by one of Milwaukee’s most recognized and influential artists, David Robbins. Such works by Robbins have become the image associated with the current jive in Milwaukee, but little critique goes much further than whispering rumor. The work presented in the Neapolitan exhibition plays the role of the critic reacting to the internal voices of Milwaukee who exercise one common complaint. The absence of criticism and a true critic to fill the boots. Admittedly this is only one of the lacking necessities required for real growth in a successful art scene, but what I find important and free for everyone to take part in is self-criticism. Not to worry about who’s not doing their job, but staking the claim to do it better. Performing not only the duty of a disciplined analytical viewer, maker, connoisseur, but one assuming responsibility for whatever works, galleries, and even viewers who deserve attention … meaning those exceptionally valued in Milwaukee, then on down the line.”
-Sean Cairns

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