Terrestrial Landing

Opening Reception:
Saturday, June 23 2012

nAbr gallery is pleased to present Terrestrial Landing, and installation by Minneapolis based artist Derek Ernster, Saturday June 23rd from 6-9pm. By transforming nAbr gallery into a temporary bird habitat, Terrestrial Landing responds to the conditions of producing and displaying artwork in domestic spaces, exploring the relationship between the paraphernalia of necessity and its enhancement through design: the building blocks of modern living.

The canary, a songbird, conveys the resonance of freedom while living in captivity, as well as the rudimentary system of alarm amidst drastic conditions. These circumstances have become a cultural symbol of domesticity. Its presence in the gallery, and the tension of its immediacy, directly speaks to parameters of inhabitance: the presence that defines private space.

The photographic wall treatment, a collection of intimate and consequently discarded possessions, attests to the resonance of life within the confines of consumer culture.  The drywall panels themselves can function as either singular decorations or functional materials for construction, becoming an infinitely reproducible and customizable product.


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