Outstrip {EZ “Illustrated”} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary

Opening: March 23, 2013 1-4pm
On View: March 23 – May 12th, 2013

Outstrip {EZ “Illustrated”} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary, raises a common question among printmakers, where and why does this work exist? Outstrip is the work of Patrick Sharrow, hosted by nAbr Gallery inside the Lynden Sculpture Garden. The show consists of
digital prints on polystyrene. Sharrow’s choice of material provides an availability of location to show the work; while exercising the same material used for No Parking signs, action figures, and most bathtubs. The pieces are waterproof, have a 22 year guarantee, and can be vacuum formed to any shape this side of Heaven. Placed within the open ceiling of nAbr Gallery, Outstrip{EZ
“Illustrated”} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary welcomes natural light, integrity, and all dogs!


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