Let’s Build Something Together

How to Make a Snow Brick Print

“Let’s Build Something Together”
– Lowe’s Home Improvement Store slogan, 2006

nAbr gallery is excited to present “Let’s Build Something Together”, an ephemeral, interactive instillation by Ashley Morgan. In this instillation the work exists solely on materials provided by the surrounding environment (snow) and the participation of those who encounter it, to manifest into its own space: an awesome snow fort.

“In much of my past sculptural work, I have explored ideas around building a domestic space, maintaining a sense of control, and leading viewers towards an experience of comfort. However, the unique opportunity to work in the indoor/outdoor nAbr Gallery space, the very snowy Wisconsin winter, and this event’s timing with the Lynden Sculpture Garden’s Winter Carnival have taken my interests in a different direction. For the first time, I am asking others to work with me to build a place of shelter. By working collaboratively with anyone who chooses to help, by allowing others to shape the work, and by relying on the natural snow as a central building material, we will achieve uncontrolled and unanticipated results.” -Morgan

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