nAbr gallery, an acronym standing for “not a bed-room”, and pronounced as ‘neighbor’, functions as a small mobile artist run space. Beginning in the early summer of 2010, nAbr has moved from a small room, constructed by Ashley Janke in the attic her Riverwest home, to the rolling hillside of Tuscuny, Italy, and has been transported to various locations around the Midwest.

nAbr questions the objective characteristics implicated with a finished white cube gallery space, by contrasting the rawness of the exterior, and the distinctive attributes of the surrounding environment with the finished inside space. nAbr acts as an open platform for those who take advantage of these unique qualities and integrate them into their proposals for the space. By considering this, the viewers are lead through a complexity of layers in order to reach the anticipated exhibition, when in fact they were engaging part of the exhibition all along. With these factors nAbr gallery wishes to create a dialog between the artist, the audience, and all the spaces between.

This project is currently on hold as Janke explores other initiatives.

February 2013 to February 2014
nAbr gallery on the grounds of the Lynden Sculpture Garden.

Photo Credit: Polly Morris

Photo Credit: Polly Morris

December 2011 to June 2012:
nAbr gallery residing in the attic of 2974 N Fratney Street, Milwaukee, WI.

April 2011 to May 2011:
“nAbr [not a bedroom] gallery is a freestanding alternative space located on the grassy hill of Via Santa Margherita 53, Cortona (AR), Italy.”

July 2010 to January 2011:

“nAbr [not a bedroom] gallery is an alternative space located in the attic of 1142 E. Walworth St. Milwaukee, WI.”


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