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Imagination Giants (IMG) is a project space collaboratively run by Ashley Janke, Lara Ohland, and Tim Stoelting. Approaching work that deals with literal, theoretical, or conceptual space, Imagination Giants takes on interpretations of the infinite world.


CHIPS is a talk show of Milwaukee related current events collaboratively directed by Brad Fiore, Ashley Janke, James Pederson, and Wes Tank.

926 E Center Street
Soft opening March 6th 6-9pm
Hard Opening March 10th 5-8pm.

Join us for “THE” an exhibition curated by Ashley Janke at the Jazz Gallery, featuring an arrangement of 11 local, national and international artists. THE explores visual interpretations of the word detached from symbolic reference. THE functions as a structure, framed by the context of words around it; aiding support to its subject. How can THE function removed from its framework?

Featured Artists:

Alec Regan
Allison Heape
Gitte Bog
Holly Coulis
Josh Reames
Khine Hline
Michelle Grabner
Peter Barrickman
Richard Galling
Stevie Kinast
Stephen Strupp

A statement from Janke:
“Gertrude Stein was a prominent novelist, poet, and art collector, however, she began her career as a psychologist. Her interest in the process of objectifying words derived from an experiment she started in her twenties where she filled pages with whatever words that popped into her head, in an attempt to discover her subconscious. She realized this was not working but discovered an inherent structure in language. From this experiment, she began trying to separate words from their symbols through reputation and prose (ex. a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose). Through this research, I was reminded of a process I went through, when I was young, for dyslexia. I had trouble with my eyes jumping around the page and fallowing the linear progression of words. They said that many visual people have problems with this because of words, such as ‘the’, that do not have visual symbolic reference. They had me draw, paint, and sculpt my interpretations of ‘the’ to help bridge the gaps and create a visual association. I am intreats in how other critical visual people can use the minimal qualities of “the” to create something that exists on its own outside of its usual context.”

Riverwest Satellite Day and Night

Riverwest is one of Milwaukee’s most culturally diverse neighborhoods. The neighborhood is rich with small independent galleries, artist spaces, and studios and performance venues. We wish to connect these venues while allowing the public to openly engage with the neighborhood through a lens they may not normally have access to. Through this, we wish to activate not just the cultural places themselves but the places in-between and the people who inhabit them.

Join us March 10th for Riverwest Satellite Day and Night. Featuring ten neighborhood art spaces and more to come. Events are staggered through out the day from 1-9pm, and after parties from 8pm-12am.

Organized by Ashley Janke and the Riverwest Artists Association.

Second Anual Lyden Sculpture Garden Winter Carnival
Programed by Ashley Janke & Sara Caron
At the Lynden Sculpture Garden
Featuring artist Mexico City based artist Gitte Bog and a capture the flag tournament teamed with Local Milwaukee Artists.

We Can’t Deny It’s There’ = Nothing; A Performance
An exhibition by Sean Cairns
January 29th
@nAbr performance platform
In coordination with the Art Shanty Projects
Medicine Lake, Minnesota

In We Can’t Deny It’s There, the two works collaborate to illuminate the question of authenticity of interactions in the gallery. Together both works halt interaction giving little to their audience. However in the lack of a performance melancholy urges something to happen. Fabricated experiences of the gallery gathering and interactive artworks fail to capture their intended essence, when both often anticipate and urge a kind of relational comfortability. Food and other props play roles intended to arouse more content then they contain. In this case the food is as inaccessible as our gallery engagements. In turn the purpose of the restriction made by disrupting the gallery gathering is to illuminate the fiction of the experience. Thus revealing the props, the stage, and finally the performers themselves as parts in the fantasy. Through the process of skepticism we level the playing field, where all prior conceptions of significants fail to amount to anything more than humanly perceptions. As a result, this allows us to see inherent failure in art, in current rituals, and long held values.

When we see that everything we currently think is subject to change simply by choosing not to think these ways, or by teaching ourselves to think otherwise; can we reorient the condition of projected possibility we have vested in objects, people, and scenes to create new or different outcomes?
-A statement from Sean Cairns

October 29th

(video by Oliver Sweet)

In 2010, Small Space and nAbr Gallery organized a very spooky group show with over 20 artists in two locations.

This Year, on October 29th, we will celebrate the death of Small Space’s Holton Ave. location by re-animating the exhibition on a larger scale.

Organized and hosted by Small Space, nAbr Gallery, The Green Gallery, Center and American Fantasy Classics, OOOOO GHOOST $HOW pt. II

Main Exhibition on Pierce and Fratney, 3 galleries one building

Exhibition from 7-10pm – 631 E. Center
Video Screening (@nAbr gallery) from 9-10pm – 2974 N. Fratney
Treats (@Small Space) 7-8pm – 533 E. Lloyd St.

Small Space will be open all night, drive or walk by, grab some candy, take a look.

Organized and hosted by

Small Space: 533 E. Lloyd St. (corner of Booth and Lloyd)

nAbr Gallery: 2974 N. Fratney (corner of Fratney and Chambers, in the backyard)

Center & American Fantasy Classics 631 E. Center St. (corner of Center and Pierce)

Screening Artists included:

And It Was There
by Mandie Lousier

by John Riepenhoff

by Katie Batten

by Thomas L. Shephered

by Waldek Dynerman

Sneak Peek Cetus
by Ryan Bock

Johnny + Me
by Noah Therricin

by Xav Leplae

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