Plein Air, Plain Air

Plein Air, Plain Air
By John Riepenhoff
Sunday July 14, 2013
@nAbr gallery
On the grounds of the Lynden Sculpture Garden
2145 West Brown Deer Rd.
Milwaukee, WI

nAbr gallery presents Plein Air, Plain Air by John Riepenhoff. Riepenhoff utilizes the open ceiling of the structure as a viewing mechanism to frame his newest series of Plein Air paintings. Literalizing the term “plein air” Riepenhoff allows the audience to experience the paintings in the same open environment in which he created them.

“When we create we document not only what is at our attention, we also archive the resources that have been used to tell our story. Though this latter aspect of expression is often obscured, its limitations can tell us a lot about an individual’s condition and subsequently about the position of his or her culture. This series acknowledges the limits of an individual’s range in an attempt to shift the outer conditions of creating into the subject of the medium.”   
-John Riepenhoff on the ‘Plein Air’ series for the occasion of his first show at nAbr gallery 2010.

John Riepenhoff is an artist, curator, gallery director, art fair co-organizer and inventor of artistic platforms for the expression of others. Riepenhoff opened The Green Gallery while an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His first solo show, Group Show, took place in 2010 at Jackpot Gallery in Milwaukee, and his work and projects have been presented at the Tate Modern and Frieze Art Fair (London); Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Marianne Boesky, and Swiss Institute (New York); Ooga Booga (Los Angeles); Misako & Rosen (Tokyo); Kölnischer Kunstverein (Cologne); Karma International (Zurich); Queens Park Railway Club (Glasgow); Fredric Snitzer Gallery (Miami); The Suburban (Oak Park, Illinois); Western Exhibitions (Chicago); Madison Museum of Contemporary Art; Milwaukee Art Museum, Inova (Milwaukee). Riepenhoff is a board member of Friends of Blue Dress Park and a founding member of the curatorial group Milwaukee International/Dark Fair. This summer he is is participating in shows at James Fuentes and Marlborough Gallery (New York), Night Gallery (Los Angeles), Hyde Park Art Center (Chicago), and Lucie Fontaine (Tokyo).

Outstrip {EZ “Illustrated”} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary

Opening: March 23, 2013 1-4pm
On View: March 23 – May 12th, 2013

Outstrip {EZ “Illustrated”} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary, raises a common question among printmakers, where and why does this work exist? Outstrip is the work of Patrick Sharrow, hosted by nAbr Gallery inside the Lynden Sculpture Garden. The show consists of
digital prints on polystyrene. Sharrow’s choice of material provides an availability of location to show the work; while exercising the same material used for No Parking signs, action figures, and most bathtubs. The pieces are waterproof, have a 22 year guarantee, and can be vacuum formed to any shape this side of Heaven. Placed within the open ceiling of nAbr Gallery, Outstrip{EZ
“Illustrated”} #Placeunderthesun@Penitentiary welcomes natural light, integrity, and all dogs!

Gathered From Various Other Reliable Sources

nAbr_Reliable Sources_front

Opening Reception: February 9th 2013 10am-4pm
On view February 9th – March 16 2013
2145 West Brown Deer Road
Milwaukee, WI 53217

nAbr gallery is excited to announce its debut exhibition at the Lynden Sculpture Garden Gathered From Various Other Reliable Sources by Minneapolis based artist Andy  Sturdevant.

Gathered From Various Other Reliable Sources is a monthlong project inspired by The Settlement Cook Book, a celebrated Milwaukee cookbook of the early 20th century. Assembled by German-Jewish social worker Lizze Black Kander in 1901, the book drew on the “Many Recipes Used In Settlement Cooking Classes, The Milwaukee Public School Cooking Centers and Gathered From Various Other Reliable Sources.” The resulting volume is both a snapshot of the domestic life and cultural memory of a wide cross-section of Wisconsinites at the turn of the century, combining both traditional and contemporary recipes into one resource. Over the course of February, visitors to the nAbr Gallery will be able to submit their own recipes. They will be categorized, cross-indexed and displayed onsite, creating surprising and unexpected connections between wildly disparate submissions. Viewed together, they will provide a snapshot at the state’s domestic life and cultural memory at the beginning of the 21st century.

Andy Sturdevant is an artist and writer. He has written about art, history and culture for a variety of Twin Cities-based publications and websites, including MinnPost,mnartists.orgCity Pages, Rain Taxi, and Mpls. St. Paul. His essays have also appeared in publications of the Walker Art Center and the Jerome Foundation, and are being anthologized in a collection entitled Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow, to be published by Coffee House Press in 2013. His visual work has been exhibited at The Soap Factory and Art Of This Gallery, and he’s been the recipient of a Jerome planning grant through Forecast Public Art. In Fall 2011, he was as an artist-in-residence at the Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, NC. He has also co-created and presented public programs with Works Progress, the Minnesota Historical Society, the Minneapolis Arts Commission, Take-Up Productions, the Art Shanty Projects, Red76, and many other groups. Andy holds a B.F.A. in painting from the University of Louisville. He was born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky, and lives in Minneapolis.

nAbr gallery @ The Lynden Sculpture Garden

February 2013 – February 2014
In the newest reincarnation, nAbr gallery withstands a year of Wisconsin weather at the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Consisting only of studded walls and no ceiling, artists will construct work subject to the elements, emphasising the time and season of each instillation period.
For more information visit: The Lynden Sculpture Garden

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nAbr gallery at the Lynden Part 2 from ashley janke on Vimeo.

“The Original Had Dogs I Think” @ MDW Fair


A space within a space within a space…

nAbr gallery is excited to present “The Original Had Dogs I Think”, an exhibition by Milwaukee based video and performance artist, Steve Wetzel at this years 2012 MDW Fair!  Wetzel will work within nAbr gallery structure to focus on how an empty space can become a “place”.  Wetzel will take advantage of the studs of the exterior 8x8x10 foot space as framing mechanisms for the rear projections.  The open doorway emphasizes the partnership between the finished interior and raw exterior by framing a solo object in the center of the space while sharks circle around it.

“I think it’s true that the last layer to any such reductive movement has to falsely terminate at one’s interior. There’s much to say about the various ways one bars one’s own entry upward and outward. The least of which—the least of these barriers or obstacles—is language.”
-Steve Wetzel

MDW Fair:

November 9 Vernissage Opening Party: 7 PM – 12 AM
November 10th and 11th: 12 – 6 PM
Located at Mana Contemporary 
2233 South Throop Street  Chicago, IL 60608